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Our Spiritual Authority & Prayer Covering

Arise International Ministries,

 Apostles Vance and Debbie Russell

12129 Ranch Rd 620 N Ste 650 Austin TX 78750

Our Bishop is Bill Hamon, Christian International, Santa Rosa, FL

©2018 by FaithWalk Fellowship San Antonio

About Us

The doors of FaithWalk Fellowship are open to every soul seeking to welcome, or who has already welcomed, Christ Jesus into their hearts.  We foster and environment where we encourage every individual to openly show their love for the Lord, and each other; as well as move in the gifts of the Spirit.  (1 Corinthians, Chapter 12) We do not seek to build on religious bondage, but rather to see people set free to operate in their callings both with, and without the ministry. 

John 8:32 

" will know the truth, and the truth will set you free..."

English Standard Version

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Dr. Chuck and Peggy Irwin encourage strong  praise and worship.   We feel our mission is to worship the Lord Jesus in Spirit and truth as well as teach the gospel of Jesus without error or compromise.  
Out of our Intimacy with the Lord Jesus Christ the fruits and gifts of the Holy Spirit flow.  

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