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the pastors:

Dr. Chuck and Peggy Irwin encourage strong  praise and worship.   We feel our mission is to worship the Lord Jesus in Spirit and truth as well as teach the gospel of Jesus without error or compromise.  

Out of our Intimacy with the Lord Jesus Christ the fruits and gifts of the Holy Spirit flow.  ​

apostle dr. chuck irwin


Dr. Chuck, along with wife Apostle Peggy Irwin, founded FaithWalk in San Antonio, Texas in 2009. Chuck graduated from Columbia College, MO with a BA in business; from Trinity Valley Baptist Seminary, Kennedale, Texas; and a Ph.D. with a concentration in Theology, from the School of Theology at the University of Devonshire, London, UK.  Chuck has served in a multiplicity of ministries for a little over 30 years, including having helped plant four churches previous to FaithWalk Fellowship.

Previous to ministry, Chuck served a little over 20 years in the US Army, much of that as an infantry soldier, and a Drill Sergeant, with a few “ripe plumb” assignments here and there. After Army duties, he was selected as a Regional Vice President for two successive insurance companies, and later by GE Capital, and operated as Third Party Marketing Manager for one of their internal divisions.

He gave his life to Christ at the end of long 39 year bumpy, muddy road! Chuck was introduced to the fullness of the gospel three years later, and never looked back.

Chuck is a researcher! He loves to dig back to the original intent of Scripture in order to teach with accuracy, and completeness.

Image by Rod Long

apostle peggy irwin


Apostle Peggy along with her husband Apostle Chuck Irwin founded FaithWalk Fellowship in San Antonio TX in 2009.     Peggy attended Trinity Valley Baptist Seminary in Kennedale, TX and Christ for the Nations in Dallas, TX.  She completed her Master's in Theology in San Antonio at Vision International University in 2000.   Peggy has served in different ministries for over 30 years and She and her husband Chuck have helped plant 4 churches before planting and serving as Pastors of FaithWalk Fellowship.  


Peggy has been a licensed life and health insurance agent for over 30 years and owns and operates Masterbuilders Insurance Services with primary focus on group health.   Peggy was saved when she was 23 years old.  She was deserted by her husband and found herself  a single mom with two babies  to support and just a high school education at that time.  She has developed a lifestyle of trust and prayer to make it through many difficult situations.  She is full of wisdom and can now help other struggling people.  Chuck and Peggy together have 6 children and 6 grandchildren.  


Peggy is an intercessor who has speaking engagements and she operates in the prophetic with words of encouragement and comfort and insight.  Peggy believes all things flow out of our intimacy with God through worship and intercession to Jesus, the King of Kings.

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Our spiritual authority & prayer

Apostles Vance & Debbie Russell

Vance and Debbie are the founders of Arise Ministries in Austin, Texas, where they serve as senior pastors. Both called to ministry, Vance operates as an apostle/prophet, while Debbie carries the role of a prophet/apostle. Ordained by Dr. Bill Hamon in 1991, their 27 years of ministry have been marked by wisdom, knowledge, and profound prophetic insight, bringing healing and reconciliation to many.

They hold positions as Western Regional Leaders for Christian International in the United States and are members of the International Coalition of Apostolic Leaders. Additionally, they co-chair the Global Counsel of the International Minister’s Fellowship, a worldwide network supporting ministers.

Authors of two books, "Victory at the Gates" and "The Kingdom," Vance and Debbie are dedicated to equipping the Body of Christ for service. They've also created workbooks like "Keys to a Transformed Life" and "Faith that Heals," focusing on character building and activating miracles. Their third manual, "Equipping Principles for Spiritual Warfare," is forthcoming.

Residing in Leander, Texas, Vance and Debbie cherish their family, including their daughter Dana, son-in-law Josh, grandson Noah, and granddaughter Riley, who bring them immense joy.

Arise International Ministries

12129 Ranch Rd 620 N Ste 650

Austin, TX 78750

Our bishop

Bill Hamon

Christian International

P.O. Box 9000

Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459 

Bishop Bill Hamon is globally recognized as the trailblazer and patriarch of the prophetic movement. He is the visionary behind the Christian International Apostolic Network and the establishment of Christian International Ministries. With over six decades of prophetic ministry, he has delivered prophecies to a multitude of over 50,000 individuals and has equipped over 250,000 in the prophetic realm through his teachings. Authoring seven significant books, his focus lies in the revitalization of the Church and unveiling God's forthcoming agenda. Dr. Bill Hamon holds an esteemed position among Church leaders worldwide, recognized as a key figure in the prophetic and apostolic sphere emerging in these final days. Overseeing a vast network, he shepherds more than 4000 ministers and churches, leading Christian International's global headquarters. Residing in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, Bill cherishes family life with three children, eleven grandchildren, and fifteen great-grandchildren.

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